Kubernetes : Installing Updates

How to update to a newer version of OpenSquiggly.


When you install OpenSquiggly using the Helm chart, the version setting specifies which build number of the container image it should use. The latest version is built into the Helm chart, and you don’t normally specify the version when you install OpenSquiggly for the first time.

However, after installation, you can update OpenSquiggly to a newer version than the version you are running.

Determining Your Current Version

To determine which version of OpenSquiggly you are currently running, run the following command and examine the version setting. It should be the last value in the list.

helm get values --all your-release-name-here

For example:

helm get values --all opensquiggly-test1

Sample Output:

cloudType: other
configSecretName: ""
diskSize: 50
diskSkuName: ""
diskType: ""
dnsHostName: civokube2-test1.opensquiggly.com
esMaxHeapSize: 512m
esMinHeapSize: 512m
existingPvStorageClass: ""
exposeWith: nginx
ingressClassName: nginx
start: true
storageProvisioner: ""
tlsSecretName: opensquigglycert
useExistingPv: ""
useExistingPvc: ""
useExistingStorageClass: civo-volume
version: 1347   <--------- Currently installed OpenSquiggly version number

Determining the Latest Version

To determine if there is a later published version of OpenSquiggly than the version you are running, first update your Helm chart with the command:

helm repo update

Then issue the following command and examine the version value. Once again, it should be the last value in the list.

helm show values opensquiggly/allinone

Sample Output:

. Other values omitted for brevity

# To use the Nginx ingress controller with a custom ingress class name that you've
# previously created, enter the name of the ingress class here. 
ingressClassName: "nginx"

# Specify the initial (mininum) ElasticSearch heap size, depending on the size of 
# the nodes in your cluster. Heap size should be no larger that 50% of available 
# memory of the node. Use the "m" suffix for megabytes and the "g" suffix for 
# gigabytes.
esMinHeapSize: "512m"

# Specify the maximum ElasticSearch heap size.
esMaxHeapSize: "512m"

configSecretName: ""

# If start=true, set deploy replicas to 1, otherwise set to 0
start: true

version: 1347   <--------- Latest published version of OpenSquiggly

Updating to a Newer Version

To update your OpenSquiggly release to a new version, leaving all other existing Helm chart settings unchanged, issue the command:

helm upgrade release-name-here opensquiggly/allinone --reuse-values --set version=xxxx

where xxxx is the desired version.

For example, to update the opensquiggly-test1 release to version 1348, issue the command:

helm upgrade opensquiggly-test1 opensquiggly/allinon --reuse-values --set version=1348