Drilling Into Pages

For a more focused view of a subset of pages, this section describes how you can drill into pages.

Drilling In

At times you may wish to focus on one section of your document tree, while ignoring all other documents. This can be particularly helpful if you are focusing on a task, bug, or user story, and only want to see documents and files that are relevant to the work at hand.

To help with this, OpenSquiggly provides the “drill into” function.

To drill into a page, click on the chevron icon (the » icon) located adjacent to the desired page, on the right hand side.

The selected page will now become the “root” page of the navigator. No other pages in your master document tree will be displayed.

Another advantage of the drill into feature is that it can help limit the depth level of your document hierararchy. Sometimes it can be tedious to navigate into a deeply nested tree.

Going Back

To go back the previous page, click the Back icon immediately to the left of the page name in the navigator header.

Note that there is currently a known bug with the Back icon.