Managing Organization Members

This section discusses how to add and remove members from organizations.

Adding Organization Members

From the “Manage Organizations” accordion in the “User Option” form, click the “Manage Members” button.

You’ll see a tabular list of all users that are currently members of the organization.

To add a new member, click the “Add New User” button.

Enter the login id or e-mail address of the OpenSquiggly user you wish to add to the organization, and click Save.

Note there is currently a known bug with adding members to organizations.

Adding a user as a member of organization does not immediately add them to any groups within the organization or grant them any permissions to any documents owned by the organization. It simply makes the available to be added to groups.

To add organization members to groups, see the section “Managing Groups” later in this chapter.

Removing Organization Members

To remove a member from an organization, you must first remove them from any groups with that organization.

Then, click the Delete button on the row corresponding to the user you wish to remove from the organization.