Mounting Doc Repos

How to bring externally-hosted documentation stored in Git repositories into your OpenSquiggly account. If you author documents in Markdown, HTML, or XML, OpenSquiggly can retrieve documentation from multiple locations and bring them together into one common portal.

The Doc Formatter

This section discusses how document formatters are used to filter and format the files contained within a mount point.

Compared with Static Sites

In this section we compare how OpenSquiggly’s built-in document formatter can be used as an alternative to static site generators for building documentation sites.

Reusing Mount Points

In this section we discuss how you can reuse mount points to create different formatted views of the same underlying files.

Implicit Table of Contents

This section discusses how OpenSquiggly can create a table of contents implicitly using the names of files and prefixed number sequences to control ordering.

Explicit Table of Contents

This section discusses how you can control the table of contents by explicitly declaring them in .opensquiggly files.