Mapping Pages to Mount Points

How to add pages that map to and reference content within mount points.

Creating a Mapped Page

Creating a mount point merely makes the documents and source code files in that mount point available to potentially be added to your document tree. To all mounted files to appear in your document tree, create a mapped page.

To add a mapped page, first click the + icon in the header of the navigator

Fill in the “Add Mapped Page” section as follows:

  • Enter the Title of the page as you wish it to appear in the navigator (Note: This does not need to be the same name as the page you will be referencing)
  • Personal/Organization Field
    • To add a page from your personal mount points, select Personal in the drop down list
    • To add a page from an organization you belong to, pick it in the drop down list
  • Mount Point - Next select the mount point you wish the mapped page to reference
  • Relative Path - Enter the path to the location of the document within to mount point. To reference the entire point point with a document tree, enter “/”.
  • Press Add New to add the new mapped page to the bottom (last child) of the current page.

Inserting a Mapped Page at a Location

To insert a mapped page as a child or sibling of an existing page, first add it as the last topic page of the current page, as discussed about, then click and drag the page to the final destination position.

These operations are discussed in the next section, “Moving and Copying Pages”.